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The Oaks

Burr or Bur( if you prefer) Oaks surround our home in the woods.  They are the last to get their leaves in the spring.  They are in bud forever. Their real name is Quercus macrocarpa.  They are in the white … Continue reading

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Decoration Day

Before we called it Memorial was Decoration Day. It was always May 30th and it began in the South with women decorating the graves of those soldiers that died during the civil war. It should always be the day … Continue reading

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Growing Like Weeds

The “grands” are growing like weeds. I always like to take pictures of them all lined up…tallest to shortest. This was in 2004, the year that Far Guy and I made them all walking sticks with their names on them. … Continue reading

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A strange deep voice

Thursday afternoon the grands arrived, all five of them at the same time!   Chance was so excited! We have a new tween, someone turned twelve.  Someone who used to be a little boy and whose voice I could recognize in … Continue reading

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Do you wear bloomers? Thank you Amelia:)

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Spring Snow

There is a beautiful flowering crabapple called Malus X ‘Spring Snow’.  I was sure that I would have to go to the NDSU Campus to see one again. It is a Zone 4 plant.  On Monday when I stepped out … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: 1957

Back in 1957 I was six years old, and my baby brother was three. There had been tough years on the farm in Minnesota, drought and grasshoppers..they were lean years. To this day I hate macaroni with homemade canned chunks … Continue reading

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behind the scenes at the museum

I am getting more organized..I can find the paper clips now.  I still have some file cabinets to go through.  I finally have my very own scotch tape dispenser and a stapler that works ( One that does not jam … Continue reading

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Last night we had a visitor. He (or she) dumped bird feeders all over and the bum took one with them. The bum stomped all over my daylilies under the bird feeders.   He could not reach this feeder..the other … Continue reading

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The Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles passed through this week.  I was hoping that they would stay and raise some babies. Apparently we were just a convenient  place to eat on their way further north. If you look closely you can see the … Continue reading

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