The Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles passed through this week.  I was hoping that they would stay and raise some babies. IMG_2990

Apparently we were just a convenient  place to eat on their way further north.


If you look closely you can see the grape jelly on this guys beak.  Oh they love that jelly.

My Dad made me an Oriole/Hummingbird feeder. He gave it to me on Mother’s Day.  Just in time to feed the Orioles.

Oriole feeder

It has spots for two oranges and two small containers, one we filled with sugar water and the other with Grape Jelly.


It is a very nice feeder..we will see if the Hummer’s find far we have seen them but they have not seen the feeder. Far Guy had to rescue one that was trapped inside his Greenhouse/Workshop.  He still calls it a greenhouse..he planted some Tomato seed and some Walla Walla Onion seed.

The grass in the yard is greening up nicely.  Far Guy mowed some of the yard.  He planted a whole bag of grass seed again this year, and he strewed wildflower seeds the other day.  Then it rained:)

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One Response to The Orioles

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    Beautiful oriole pics! We have one coming to the grape jelly dish on the deck…hope he and his wife stick around this year. We had a whole family of them two years ago.
    My purchase of niger seed and a finch feeder has garnered about 50 goldfinches so far..males and females. And the Wrens are finally back…I can hear them singing their sweet songs.

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