Wistful Wednesday: 1957

Back in 1957 I was six years old, and my baby brother was three.

There had been tough years on the farm in Minnesota, drought and grasshoppers..they were lean years.

To this day I hate macaroni with homemade canned chunks of tomatoes on top.  I like mashed potatoes with sauerkraut on them..I ate sugar sandwiches..you know a lot of butter and a bit of white sugar.  I would make a sugar sandwich for me and I would make my baby brother a ketchup sandwich( that was his favorite.)  I have since given up sugar sandwiches..but I still like just a slice of buttered bread.  I think my brother still likes ketchup..but he probably eats more with his ketchup than just bread.

My Dad went to North Dakota to work for the summer. He worked for a construction company in the Ray and Tioga, North Dakota area.  My Mother took us out there for the summer, we lived in a basement apartment and then in a trailer house.

I remember seeing snakes, big long ones called bull snakes sunning themselves on the roads. I was terrified.  I saw a Rattlesnake and was even more terrified.

Badlands of North Dakota 1957

This is my baby brother and me.  Facing the sun and squinting, it looks like it was windy that day too.  This photo was taken by our Mother in the Badlands of North Dakota.  I thought that the area was named the Badlands because they had so many snakes, OR because I loved westerns on TV..it was a great place for the bad guys on horseback to hide from the good guys:)

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  1. highlight says:

    What a fun picture! I’ll bet you used bobby pins to get those curls! (I know I did!)

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