Do you wear bloomers?

Bloomers Wadena Historical Society

Thank you Amelia:)

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2 Responses to Bloomers

  1. My mother used to refer to ladie’s underwear as bloomers!!!! She was born in 1908 so perhaps she was close to Amelia’s time and Amelia’s bloomers!!!!
    The plant shop in Hawley once put up a sign that said “Come in and see our bloomers”…this was in the spring!!!!
    I recall some womens’ underthings that WERE bloomers…big long legs with ballooney gathers in the legs. WOW and now we have thongs…not me but the young ones!!!!

  2. My Mom used to refer to underwear as bloomers!! She had some too..big baggy underpants with long ballooney legs to the knees. WOW and now we see thongs..not on me for sure but on younger women.
    I would be like “Maxine”: who tried on a thong and spent a week trying to dig it out again.

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