A strange deep voice

Thursday afternoon the grands arrived, all five of them at the same time!   Chance was so excited!

We have a new tween, someone turned twelve.  Someone who used to be a little boy and whose voice I could recognize in a crowd, whose laugh I could hear from a long ways off..has changed.  There was this new deep voice, and a different laugh..and my grandma ears were confused.  Who is this new person and what have they done to my grandson?

I didn’t notice it when I talked to him on the phone..when we discussed his cake.. “How about an ice cream cake when you come over on Thursday Noah?”  He replied in his little boy voice, “Sure Grandma that would be fine, but I don’t like the frosting.”  I said “Neither do I, we will scrape that part off and just eat the ice cream” He said “good deal” ..there was no hint of a deep voice..I was clueless. He looks the same, well he might be a bit taller and a tad skinnier than the last time I saw him.  The little boy is gradually disappearing.

Noah's is twelve

A young man, with a deep voice has taken his place.  I will just have to face the fact that he is growing up:)

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3 Responses to A strange deep voice

  1. GramMary says:

    It isn’t always easy being a grandma.

  2. Marlyn says:

    Grandchildren is what makes being older wonderful. They are our hope for the future and grow so fast.

  3. I remember when our Adam’s voice suddenly went from little boy to baritone man!
    I am looking at the bleeding hearts on your heading. I picked some today off one bush of mine…if the weather and wind aren’t too bad I may bring a bouquer it to my Mom’s grave..she loved her spring bleeding hearts display each year. BHs remind me of my Mom. I put silk sweet peas on Dad’s grave because he loved to plant sweet peas each spring and made a great climbing fence for them also.
    Have a wonderful weekend with the Grands and Farguy and Chance and your daughters and sons in law.
    We are going to a church picnic tomorrow and that will be it for us this Mem Day…we like it quiet.
    Miss Kitty is sitting on Jerry’s lap right now;she loves to sit with him but not me!!!!
    Biting the hand that feeds her I guess!!!!

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