Growing Like Weeds

The “grands” are growing like weeds. I always like to take pictures of them all lined up…tallest to shortest.

Grands 2004

This was in 2004, the year that Far Guy and I made them all walking sticks with their names on them. I think Miss Paige has her shoes on the wrong feet. Oh well, Adam has no shoes on at all.

Grands 2007

This was in 2007, they had a good time fooling around.

IMG_3140 This year was no different. The girls are awfully close to the same height..I bet by next year Adam passes up the girls, and is standing next to his brother.  


Finally.. they are ages 9, 12, 13, 14 (almost 15) and 12.

Yesterday they toured the museum, and helped with some projects.  They all loved the ghost story..and believe that the place is haunted. Miss Paige did not want to go down to the bathrooms in the “scary basement” all by herself. 

The boys are out of school for the year, the girls still have a few days to go, Savannah won’t be finished until June 13..and then she and Maddie start Hockey Camp for the rest of the summer.

We are blessed with beautiful and handsome grands, we are very proud of them all:)

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3 Responses to Growing Like Weeds

  1. GramMary says:

    Beautiful grands!

  2. In the last photo is Paige taller than Maddie?

  3. I love those pictures of the different years….now the grandboy has passed them all! And gotten a deep voice to boot…whiskers next then shaving!!!! Oh my!!!

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