We got out on the water on Sunday afternoon.  It was peaceful and calm and I could put my feet up and just take photos. We went over to Two Inlets Lake.

The Grand boys love to fish.

Noah was catching fish left and right, he must have had four fish before anyone else got a nibble.

Noahs Fish

Fishing = Big Smiles

Andys Fish

Andy caught a huge Bass.  It caused much excitement!  Now they have a landing net and a scale on their wish list.  Nothing invigorates little boys/big boys more than a big fish.

Adam was trying so hard, he was just feeding the fish, they were stealing his bait.

Adams fish

Finally success!  He was on his last few casts of the day..when he finally caught a fish. ( Big sigh of relief, it is no fun if you are the only one who doesn’t catch a fish…or if your brother seems to do it effortlessly.)

Miney and Elvis inspecting a fish

Far Guy showed Miney and Elvis a little Perch that Noah caught.

There were birds singing in the trees and a pair of Loons were out in the middle of the lake. They sounded their “Eagle alarm” several times. ( Eagles are predators of Loons.) Sure enough an Eagle was fishing too.  It was a cool day, the sun came out for just a little while, the high for the day was about 70 degrees. There were no has been too cold for bugs.

The fundraising dinner went off without a hitch.  We could have served just a few more people.  I did not hear the final figures..hopefully they made a little bit of money. My feet were tired along with the rest of me. It was lots of work:)

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