Chance: Who Loves Far Guy?

It is I, Chance the handsome blogging Border Collie. Miney and Little Elvis came to visit.  I introduced them to chipmunk hunting and gave Little Elvis a lesson in chipmunk catching.  His eyes were big as saucers…I think the little guy was impressed.

We all got to go out on the pontoon on Sunday. I had to share Far Guy all weekend.

Who Loves Far Guy

Me, Far Guy, Little Elvis and Miney

Miney is a little large for a Sheltie ( don’t tell her I said that..I love Miney) and Little Elvis is on the little side for a Sheltie.

What Little Elvis lacks in height..he makes up for with hair.

Littl Elvis and his wild hair

Look at that wild and crazy “do.” Little Elvis are you in there?  Little buddy can you see anything?


Me and Miney keeping a lookout for other boats with dogs. I have so much fun when they visit, I am always sad to see them go..but when they leave I get Far Guy all to myself.  You see Miney and Little Elvis love him almost as much as I do:)

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  1. Judy says:

    Sweet! Looks like they all love Far Guy.

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