Wistful Wednesday : 1953

In June of 1953 I was 21 months old.  That was 58 years ago.

Connie and Anna June 06 1953

I am not sure what my Aunt Anna and I are exchanging.  Aunt Anna is my Dad’s youngest sister, she lives nearby and I see her quite often.  She always has a big smile and a hug as a greeting. Aunt Anna and my Dad are the only surviving siblings from their large family of 14 children.

This photograph was taken by my Mom on the farm right in front of the Lilac bushes.  The Lilacs were a shady place to play and to leave your wagon, and spot for the dogs to dig a hole to escape the summer heat:)

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3 Responses to Wistful Wednesday : 1953

  1. Phyllis Pritchard says:

    Nice picture of you and Anna. 1953 was a good year!

  2. Kay Syvrud says:

    I am so glad you are back on Areavoices!

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