Chance and the Ticks

Chance did a great job posing for me amongst the daisies.

Chance in the daisys

I even managed to catch him before he went for a dip in his pool.  It is a good thing I like the smell of a wet dog. 

Last week Chance was not feeling like himself.  He struggled to get up the stairs one morning, he would be stiff and limpy when I came home from work..he would hobble over to greet me and his normal finicky eating was really finicky..cooked vegetables seemed to be the only thing that would entice him to eat.

Far Guy and I discussed it, we both figured that he had some kind of Tick Disease.  We called the Vet and she agreed so we picked up 30 days of antibiotics..this time he is on Amoxicillin.

This week he is much better..he was much better after being on the antibiotics for a few days.  He takes his big old horse pill covered in peanut butter every morning and night.

The ticks usually calm down some in July, August and September.  We bought some special spray to spray at the edge of the woods that will kill ticks.  Far Guy checks Chance many times a day for ticks, and he has Frontline and even an extra dose of Frontline Spray if we notice that he has picked up a few more ticks than normal.  I do not know what else we can do.

I am thankful that there is an antibiotic treatment for the tick diseases. I am thankful that Chance takes the medication like a trooper and I am thankful that Chance is getting better:)

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2 Responses to Chance and the Ticks

  1. GramMary says:

    Glad to hear sweet Chance is feeling better. Can’t have the star of your show out of action. :)

  2. judy says:

    You and Far Guy take such good care of Chance. I think we could use a few less ticks in the world.

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