The Lost and Found

Today at work the lost was found.   One of the things that has been holding me back is keys. Keys that unlock padlocks and glass cabinets..keys that have been missing for well over a year.  Keys that no one knew anything about. Lots of keys…a whole box full of keys.

The other thing that has been missing has been the old index card files filled with records of everything in the museum.

My Knight in shining armor came to the rescue again!  Far Guy emailed the former director of the museum.  She told him where the keys should be. I looked, I am not real tall and the ceilings are ten feet tall and I could not see the top of a cabinet.  I did not want to crawl up on a chair..but one of the Board Members did and low and behold the keys and the cards were found.  They are now safely on a shelf in my office.

I took the plunge and started entering items in the Past Perfect Museum Program. I should have had at least a week of training..instead I have been reading the manual during lunch.  Today I invited a Board Member over to see what I was doing and to make sure that he has an inkling of what was going on. Items are being entered with numbers and with accompanying photographs and thank you letters are being sent.

I have a volunteer!!!!!  I am pleased as punch..she is perfect!!!!  I have known her for years..and we have the same weird sense of humor. She volunteered all last summer at the museum.  She loves people and she loves history and she loves to kind of gal!  Dare I wish for one or two more just like her??

I was very discouraged last Tuesday..two days of mucking through and the worm has turned..for now. No telling what tomorrow will bring:)

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