Wild Iris

It is summer now, we have had summer for three whole days..and it has rained and rained.  Finally yesterday afternoon we saw the sun.  That has been our weather pattern, it rains for three or four days or the wind howls like a banshee and then we have one nice day which is usually windy.  So far it is a non summer.

The flowers bloom anyway.  The Blue Flag Iris are blooming.  We found this one close by. Wild Iris trying to survive the Leafy Spurge Euphorbia esula

This is a Wild Iris/Blue Flag Iris being choked out by Leafy Spurge..it does make for a pretty photograph..but also a sad one.

Far Guys Wild Iris/Blue Flag Iris  are beautiful.  He planted these from seed a number of years ago.  Last year he had one bloom and I missed taking a photo of it.  This year he has two blooms and two buds..success.  His patience and persistence has paid off.


Iris have really strappy upright foliage, I think perhaps a dog who shall remain nameless may have played ball in this flower garden:)

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  1. Ah the scourge of all fields and woodlands—-leafy spurge..we have our own unwanted “crop” here at the farm.

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