Bad Medicine Lake

Just a little ways north of us is a lake called Bad Medicine.  We drove up there one evening to scout out the public landing just incase Jen and Andy want to explore that lake someday.

Bad Medicine Lake

The landing is great, and Chance found the water very much to his liking!


I have not been on this lake in years.  My Uncle Adolf and Aunt Lila took me fishing and for my first boat ride on this lake a long, long time ago.

Bad Medicine..are you wondering how it got it’s name?  Me too..I looked it up.  The Native Americans thought that a lake with no inlet and no outlet was a bad sign, they would not fish in the lake or hunt nearby.  The lake is spring fed, it is about 4 miles long and a half a mile covers about 750 acres.  It is fairly deep, it’s deepest point is 87 feet deep.  It is also called Lake of the Valley.

Now if I can remember all that info I can tell the grandboys all about the lake should we decided to go there some Sunday afternoon:)

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  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    My favorite lake in all Minnesota! We used to take our canoe there and go to an island south of the public landing and have a picnic. I still love to go there even tho the canoe days are behind us. It has to be the cleanest lake around here….no inlets and surrounded by forests precludes bad chemical runoff from farm fields.
    Great pictures!

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