Guitar Recital

Yesterday was our grandson Noah’s guitar recital.  Just like a piano recital..but with guitars.  Noah has been playing guitar for two years.  This is second recital.  He said “I am nervous but not as nervous as last year.” 

Noahs new guitar

I was happy that it was on a Sunday so that we could all go!  Chance stayed with Miney and Elvis..I am sure he serenaded the entire neighborhood while we were gone.

The recital was held at the Fairgrounds during the Greater Grand Forks North Dakota Fair. They had a great set up, with the music instructor and a few other musicians. They played along with the students.

The whole group jamming with Noah

Noah did great and we are very proud of him!  Especially since this time he played his new to him guitar that he had saved up for all year.

Noah Playing Guitar

He played an Eric Clapton song..Sunshine of your Love. It was cool..way cool that is exactly what his instructor said.  This Grandma thought it was way cool too:)

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  1. Grankids’ recitals are always a proud moment for parents and grandparents.
    I have attended a few myself—piano and violin and voice! All of them outstanding(of course)
    SOGWPIP (silly old gramma with pictures in purse)

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