No not the fireworks kind of Rockets but the one called Hesperis matronalis..a non-native wildflower.

We found a patch growing near an old farmstead.  Old farmsteads in Minnesota usually have some Lilacs and sometimes Dame’s Rockets.  This was a good year for Dame’s and rainy.

Dames Rockets

We planted some rockets at our place..they lasted a couple of years..then they died out.  Perhaps a bird ate our seed and pooped (ahem.. deposited) them at this nearby farmstead.

The evening light really lit up the flowers. They almost seem to be glowing.  The Lilacs are still there, they were done blooming. The Lilacs give way to the Dame’s Rockets..both with spectacular flowers. 

I wonder about the women or the man who brought this seed to is native to Europe.  Someone brought the seed over with them…was it wrapped in a handkerchief or a scrap of fabric or was it in an envelope tucked deep inside a steamer trunk?  It must have been a very important plant to someone:)

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3 Responses to Rockets

  1. I can visualize her, as she sees them in their first years bloom, thinking of a place far away.

  2. Phyllis Pritchard says:

    I have that same picture, now I know what they are, Thanks!! I had never seen them there before.

  3. Phyllis Pritchard says:

    I took that same picture, now I know what they are, thanks, I had never seen them there before.

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