Wistful Wednesday: The Headwaters

This is an old family photo.  We are not sure exactly who it is.  We think it might be Great Uncle Herman.  I wish we knew for sure who it was.  It is a marvelous old photo.


Where: This photo was taken at the Headwaters of the Mississippi River up in Itasca State Park. Why:  Because it is traditional that someone take photos of you when you walk across the rocks.  When:  Well preferably when there is no snow or ice.  When was this photo taken..I will guess sometime in the 1940’s or early 1950’s in August.

Sue and Gene

Yes, August..the weed beds are very similar..so I think August.  This is a photo that I took of my husband and a very good friend Sue.  She was thrilled to be able to walk over the Headwaters of the Mississippi in August of 2008.

Tourists coming into the museum sometimes ask “What do you recommend seeing in this area?”  I always encourage them to head to Itasca State Park during their stay:) 

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  1. It is still a thrill in my 7th decade to walk across the tiny beginnings of the Mighty Mississippi. Better yet is to sit in the beautiful Douglas Lodge in the old wicker furniture and rocking chairs that have been there since 1905 when the lodge opened. A group of ladies who are my friends are going there on July 18 to take the lake cruise and have lunch in Douglas Lodge. We should also wade across the Headwaters!

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