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Chance: The Grooming

HiYa!  It is me Chance.  I had a grooming appointment.  Far Side made it.  She said my hair was too long.  I had too many tangles..nothing about me was making her happy except my kisses.  I was bringing home seeds … Continue reading

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Bat Man

The Bat Man showed up this week.  If you recall the newspaper reported that the museum was “inundated” with bats. I told you he was the Bat Man.  He is a really nice guy.  He said he read the newspaper … Continue reading

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Night out with the boys

Last night I was the favorite gal among many men.  Young handsome men..and one older hunky looking guy! We went to the County Fair.  We wandered through the Commercial exhibits and then headed for the midway. The boys went on … Continue reading

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Bee Balm and A Bee In My Bonnet

I love Bee Balm or Monarda.  It is such an interesting flower shape. The bees love it. This tall Monarda makes an excellent backdrop for this bench where you can sit a spell. It is warm again here in Minnesota, … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Unexpected gifts

This is a photograph of Far Guys Great Grandparents.  Louis and Louisa Stuve.  His Grandmother Theresa’s (Tracie’s) parents. I have this old photo, I am not sure who shared it with of Far Guys relatives.  Louis was born in … Continue reading

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Purple and yellow

Purple and yellow are blooming.. We went for a drive on Sunday, the heavy aroma of flowers filled the air. The bees were buzzing.  The intoxicating smell of lilies mixed with the smell of roses and phlox..around every bend there … Continue reading

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Fire in the barn

Early Saturday morning I was awakened by thunder and lightening.  Chance was nervous…he laid right beside me and panted.  I dozed..Far Guy woke me up and said he was leaving “Terry’s barn is on fire.”  My first thought was “THE … Continue reading

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Busy Week

It was a busy week at the museum. Lots of people in and out.  Only one demanding Grandmother who was fed up with her Grand’ much so that she requested I give them a personal tour that lasted at least … Continue reading

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Wildlife and Warm Weather

We were out for one of our Sunday drives on a Tuesday..or maybe it was Wednesday…it was one of those really hot evenings. Every day this week has been hot and humid. I did not sweat to death at work…I … Continue reading

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The Carving Exhibit

Art and what is art is very subjective..what I like and think is cuter than a bugs ear..some people may find weird.   This is a wood carving.  Paul is a professional woodcarver..he gets mega bucks for his “stuff.”   … Continue reading

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