Well it is done.  I have switched. I have abandoned a old friend. The computer that I purchased in 2001 is sitting on the work table.  He will get lots of his files deleted and then he will go upstairs to be used when the Grand boys come over.  We have a “pretend you are a pilot and can fly program”  with controllers that they love to play.

I feel a bit guilty..it was almost a perfectly good computer it was just full to overflowing and getting slower everyday…very slow. The last time I had it repaired the idiot with the lobotomy  never replaced the module that you use to down load Secure Digital memory cards from the camera. Luckily I had one on my printer. It irritated me every time I downloaded photos. I get a little cranky when things don’t work like they should. 

The Simple Save External Hard Drive worked as advertised and saved all my photos and goodness knows what else.

Chance and Gene

I can even find a photo in it.  This is Far Guy and Chance on July 3 playing in the water.  (This was well before all the people with boats and drinks arrived.)

I loaded Avira Virus Software and Windows Live Writer and Google Chrome..I suppose I should load my camera software..and I am not sure if I can print anything or not ..yet.

Far Guy will load what I call crap cleaner on it soon.  It removes cookies and other “stuff” ( highly technical).

My new computer is a Pavilion Elite( with oodles more space for me to fill up) made by Hewlett-Packard.  Most everything we have is HP..my baby brother helped me pick out the new computer..actually I emailed him..and he said “looks good to me.”  He works for HP and he helped me pick out my laptop that I am very pleased with..and he picked out my computer ten years ago too. 

This new computer is just a whiz..faster than a speeding bullet..and one of the rewards of working all summer!


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4 Responses to Switcheroo

  1. I am so awed by yours and FG’s knowledge of computers.

    That is a literal cool pic of FG and Chance in the lake. I went in the water last Thursday (the horrible heat index of over 100 day) Iwas cool in the water and instantly hot when I got out.
    I am glad we have a cool house these days…but oh do I have weeds!!!!!!

    • farside says:

      Hi B Gal, The weeds will really grow now! You will have to weed early in the morning. The water was great..I had Chance out swimming..he can swim he just doesn’t like doing it..he likes his feet on solid ground:)

  2. Carey says:

    Hello from Singapore, glad you like the comp, Hopefully you can get 8 years out of this one. Enjoy, Beth has a new HP touch-pad you’ll have to ask her about it. -C

    • farside says:

      I was going to call you this evening and then I fell asleep on the couch. I heard you were headed out again..but you are already there.
      The new computer is great..such a change..even the monitor looks better..the graphics card must be awesome.
      I am still learning about Windows 7..I am getting older and sometimes don’t recall how I get from one place to another:)
      A new touch pad.. possibly I shouldn’t look yet …
      Thanks! You take good care of you! :)

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