Hands On Museum Fun

Last week at the museum I took in a donation from one of the board members.  It was a bunch of nib pens, a slate pencil and a bottle of ink and an old bottle filled with black food coloring.

I got to thinking..would children today like to practice writing with what pioneer children used years ago?

The slate pencil frustrated me..(I am an idiot some days) I was trying to use the slate pencil on a piece of paper.  Ding Ding..it is a slate pencil and will only work on a piece of slate.  I was thinking perhaps I need to sharpen it..or rough it up with some sandpaper…however it works just fine on the slate.  Add me to the list of people that learn something new everyday.


I cleared off a section of the counter in my office and we now have a hands on dipping pen to use with black food coloring ( It works very similar to ink)  and a slate with a slate pencil.  Children by the name of Amelia and Thomas thought that this was a great hands on experience.  Thomas loved ships and drew me several!  Since then some adults tried the hands on exhibit and they declared it fun too!  There are real pencils on the counter that we give away as gifts to children.

I will keep this exhibit in my office for awhile..I have a few more ideas up my sleeve.. just for kidsSmile

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  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    Kids need to be encouraged to WRITE as texting is dumbing them down even more than school!! Way to go Farside…keep them writing with old methods and materials!!!!
    Arrange visits to schools when they open if you can!!!

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