Museum Mystery Item

Every now and again I run into something at the museum that I have no idea what in the world it is. 

The only clues I have to go on are:

This was found in the medical room. (which may or may not be a I found lots of “stuff” in there)

It is roughly the same size as a rolling pin.

It has the word Leningrad hand carved into one of the handles.

It has no museum identifying marks of any kind.

It has no manufacturing marks of any kind.

It sits up on the dark colored circular thingys quite a bit..I can think of no food that could be rolled with it.  It would have to be fat fluffy food if it is a rolling pin of some sort.

Mystery Item

What do you think?  I spent some time on the Internet trying to find something that looked similar..with no luck.  My readers are very smart..I am sure someone knows what it is and what it does. 

The medical room is a work in progress, it is coming along. Mark and my Mother and I have removed lots of dust.

Today I entered the museum into a new Federally State Funded Program. It is called RSVP which stands for Retired Senior Volunteer Program.  You have to be 55 years old to qualify.  If you volunteer for at least two hours you can be reimbursed 18 cents a mile ( maximum per month 20 dollars) for your travel and you are covered by a small insurance policy while you are volunteering and you get a free dinner.  Not much but at least it is something!  They will send people my way and I can sign up any of my regular volunteers.  I have several that will qualify and several that are just not old enough:)

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  1. Catherine Edwards says:

    it looks like the wooden rollers they keep the old newspapers on at our local “Grand River Sachem”.

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