Dragon Fly Hero’s

Far Guy and Chance were playing in the water when a bunch of mean old dragon flies attacked another dragon fly and he was hurled into the water. 

Dragon Flies cannot fly if their wings are wet.  Far Guy got the little guy to hop on his finger.  Chance supervised.

Dragonfly with wet wings

He dried off a little and began to beat his wings ninety miles an hour.

Far Guy put him on a branch..and the paparazzi stalked him.

 Dragon fly  resting on a branch

Did you know that his or her eyes have as many lenses as a thousand people..he/she can see above and below at the same time.

We like Dragon Flies here in Minnesota…they grab mosquitoes with their feet and suck out their bodily fluids and drop their dehydrated carcasses to the ground:)

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3 Responses to Dragon Fly Hero’s

  1. I read up on dragon flies last summer and I love them also! Glad that FG rescued one from his nasty buddies. Chance looks pleased!

  2. S. L. says:

    If they eat mosquitoes, then they are good creatures, deserving to be saved!

  3. Jan - Alexandria says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and info! We’ve had a lot of dragons and dames around lately as well as mosquitoes and bats. Had a bat in the house one evening which resulted in a bent lamp shade, screams, a shattered light fixture and a dead bat. Hope someone takes his place in bug control!

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