Daylilies Galore and Flower Problems

The museum needs a gardener.  I was told that all the grounds work would be handled by the County.  I just needed to sweep the steps.  Piece of cake..I can ride a broom with the best of them!

Last week I was talking to one of the maintenance guys.. I said “Whoever is in charge of that flower bed out front has a lot of work to do.”    He replied “The Historical Society planted them so it is your problem.”  I told him “Well that is news to me.” ( Sometimes the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing..and everyone is confused.)

I contacted the Master Gardeners..they don’t weed..they just plant.


Now that the Daylilies are blooming it helps to cover up the fact that some of the weeds are just as tall as the flowers.


Beautiful old common every day Daylilies.

Did you know that I share the building?  The basement and the first floor are Historical Museum.  Upstairs the entire second floor is Art Museum.  They are only open three days a week.  Right now they have a Woodcarving exhibit with many very talented carvers displaying their works of art all through July.  In August there will be a Quilt Show.  They have a big old gallery in the former courtroom..with lots of what is called “Old Masters.”  Artsy fartsy for sure.   Kelly is the curator up in the Art Museum..she comes dressed to the “nines” every day..heels too..I told her when she is an old woman she will regret those heels.  I will go up there soon and take some photos…so you all can see the Art too!

Anyway back on procrastinated so long with filling the planters that are on both sides of the doors ( remember I offered to put in plastic flowers) that the Art’s people filled the planters with  some little yellow flower that I have never seen before and German Ivy and Orange Impatiens. They look wonderful..and Kelly is in charge of watering them.  I sweep the steps so I think it is a fair trade off.  Now if I could only convince several of her Artsy Fartsy people to clean up the flower beds out front, I would have all my flower problems solved:)

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