Going Batty

I have bats in the belfry..well they would be there if we had a belfry.  Since we don’t have one, they are in the attic of the museum.

I don’t mind bats, we used to have them at the lake..I loved to watch them leave at sunset and come back just before sunrise.  They lived in the attic and would come and go in a space next to the chimney..which ran right next to the bedroom window.  We all co-existed peacefully.  One spring they lived in between the many layers of plastic that covered an old abandoned back door that had a real big step down (about 6 feet). I could stand at the door and watch them through the glass..it was awesome.  We captured one that year and one of the girls took it to school.  Bats eat thousands of mosquitoes. 

The Board of Directors and the powers that be in the County have decided that the bats should relocate.  A guy called the “Batman” is coming in to bat proof the building..after the young are old enough to leave the building.  He will install some kind of tunnels  and seal up the attic..and then eventually take out the tunnels and we will be bat free.

I have not seen any bats yet..but they have been setting off the motion alarms…which in turn sets off an alarm that ends up being a false alarm.  Either that or Gus the Ghost is having wild parties.  (He turned on a couple of lights during the night this week…I am thinking he doesn’t like the dark.)

The local newspaper declared in their reporting of the minutes of the County Board meeting that we were inundated with bats, well that is news to me..I have not seen one yet or any of its “leavings”.  It seems to me that the word inundated means

1. To cover with water, especially floodwaters.

2. To overwhelm as if with a flood; swamp

I am certainly not inundated with bats..yet:)

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