The Carving Exhibit

Art and what is art is very subjective..what I like and think is cuter than a bugs ear..some people may find weird.


This is a wood carving.  Paul is a professional woodcarver..he gets mega bucks for his “stuff.”



This is a project that we are all working on now..Byron carves with us and is teaching us how to end up with a bouquet of Lady Slippers. ( Mine will be a work in progress for many weeks.)


These are Sheila’s carvings..she is very talented.


All these fish are carved by Kenny..he is an awesome carver.


These are Reynold’s Bark Carvings we attended a class taught by him last summer.  He was featured recently in a Carving Magazine..he didn’t show up last week ..I hope his head didn’t swell too big after being published.


These are Dave’s..he just retired last January..he is a power carver..he uses power tools to carve.

The Loon on the top of the case belongs to a gentleman that I just met last week…Bob (I think) a retired teacher.


These carvings belong to my cousin Chuckie.  He is a self taught carver that began whittling with a carpet knife over his noon hour.  Yes, he carved those chain links out of a 2X4 piece of wood.  He likes to carve birds and ducks..and Santas.


Last but not least is Far Guy.  His whimsical bark carvings and his thread spool.  I did the house on the left. 

More woodcarvings another day:)

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4 Responses to The Carving Exhibit

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    I recognize those bark carvings done by the “Fars”….we had fun collecting cottonwood bark least year!!!
    What a great display at the museum/art venue

  2. Jan - Alexandria says:

    These are great! Fun topic to display. Does Paul go to the Norsk Fest in Minot? I think we saw him there with tigers and bears etc. Love them! Remembering looking and realizing I couldn’t spend that much :( How long is this display on? We have friends who have a cabin on Ida Lake. They would enjoy seeing the museum. Will let them know. Thanks for the photos….

  3. farside says:

    Hi Jan from Alex..Yes he was probably there. I cannot afford his art either..and I probably would not have room for any of it..his bear in a ball was tempting. The Art Gallery is open Tues, Thurs and Sat from 10:30 to 4:30. The carving exhibit will be upstairs until July 30 and the quilting exhibit will go up next. Everyone that has seen this exhibit has really enjoyed it:)

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