Wildlife and Warm Weather

We were out for one of our Sunday drives on a Tuesday..or maybe it was Wednesday…it was one of those really hot evenings. Every day this week has been hot and humid.

I did not sweat to death at work…I thought I might be overtaken by my sweat glands and drown..but I survived. ( I didn’t smell real great..but I was alive.)

Chance was bored and wanted to go for a ride and hang his head out the window.  He hunkered down in the AC all day long and was feeling perky.

Ducks looking for cover

These baby ducks looked like they were cool. I am not sure what kind of ducks they were but they all huddled together and swam away from me.  Momma and Daddy Duck were not in the area. 

We went to look at the horses…one of my favorite fields in the area.  The horses were too far away for good photographs.  We saw this in the pasture instead.


A very beautiful coyote.  He or she looked at us for a long time..then Chance couldn’t stand it anymore, he had to bark and the coyote ran off.

We came home to cool off and saw a mama deer and a really tiny spotted fawn in our driveway.  Far Guy had been seeing the tiny tracks for a few days.

The Deer Flies are just terrible, I am sure they are chasing the deer out of the woods. I am a tad allergic to them and swell up from their bites.  They sometimes bite me so hard that they draw blood and I say bad word, bad word:)

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  1. Deer flies do the same to me! I have been bitten hanging up clothes on a clothesline. I know they hang in the long grass and wait for me to come out.I have had success drawing out their poison (which makes a silver dollar size welt on me) with a paste of baking soda and water. It really works. I wish it would work for gnat bites…they are the plague of my summer (the dead river below our house hatches them all summerlong)

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