Busy Week

It was a busy week at the museum. Lots of people in and out.  Only one demanding Grandmother who was fed up with her Grand’s..so much so that she requested I give them a personal tour that lasted at least a half an hour.  They were older kids and fairly spoiled. Everything was either gross or weird. It was hard to get them interested in anything.

Most people like to wander on their own..I don’t mind giving tours and I enjoy giving them if the children are younger and curious.

I am ready for the meeting this next week.  I always have several things to prepare, the agenda and my report and my concerns.  Just what I want to do on my evening off ..attend a meeting. (Can you hear the joy in my voice?)

Lets see there are bats in the building, Tuesday and Wednesday there was a sewer smell that permeated even my clothing.  Wednesday it was like a Sauna in the building as temperatures soared to nearly one hundred..and yesterday a small child emptied an entire soap dispenser into the garbage can in the bathroom. ( Luckily only a small portion went on the floor.) Oh and a tree limb fell and took out one of our benches outside..one of the “Ethyl” benches.  Gus the Ghost has been active..he has been turning on lights at night…who knows all these incidents could be his mischief. 

Jen came in last weekend and changed the display case in the foyer.  She has quite an eye for combining items to come up with an attractive display.


This display is the first one that people see when they enter the building.  During August lots of women will be coming and going for the Quilt Exhibit.

I am trying very hard to get all the accessions out from under my desk..all the ones that people kept piling there last summer or the summer before that.  I am behind…I will probably never catch up.  Everything needs paperwork, numbers, photographs and a thank you letter and then it is entered into the computer..and it all takes time.  I am not so sure that I am cut out to do this museum work…I know that I need an extra day or two off soon…if nothing else I need a mental health day:)

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