Purple and yellow

Purple and yellow are blooming..


We went for a drive on Sunday, the heavy aroma of flowers filled the air.


The bees were buzzing. 


The intoxicating smell of lilies mixed with the smell of roses and phlox..around every bend there were more flowers… and more flowers..until I finally had enough.. I experienced flower overload.  I was tired and need to go home for a nap.

Living Legacy Gardens near Staples Minnesota was a real treat!  I have wanted to go there the past couple of summers, the time was never right.  Finally I made a date with Far Guy and Chance..they didn’t have nearly as much fun as I did..but they were patient and let me wander as long as I wanted:)

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One Response to Purple and yellow

  1. Those spiky purple ones…c an’t remember the name but they grow wild in our ditches….and I had some in my garden once but no more..I think two plants died. I need to get some more. They are lovely. I have so many yellow flowers now (coreopsis which spread themselves all over and black eyed Susans and yellow Asian lilies…I could use some purple in between.
    And soon our west hill will be covered with goldenrod and wild purple asters and my husband will be miserable because of the golden rod!!!
    I have a volunteer dark maroon hollyhock from your plants(seeds) coming up in the middle of our stone covered hill on the south of the garage!!!!! Determined HH’s I would say!!!!

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