Bee Balm and A Bee In My Bonnet

I love Bee Balm or Monarda.  It is such an interesting flower shape.


The bees love it.


This tall Monarda makes an excellent backdrop for this bench where you can sit a spell.

It is warm again here in Minnesota, the humidity is high.  It wears me out, so I usually have an nap after work. 

I hate the weeks when I have to give up my Monday night for meetings where nothing gets decided.  No one ever makes motions..but they discuss lots of “stuff.”  I always present my list of concerns..Computers and Printers that don’t work…Vacuum cleaners that don’t work..most with their rummage sale tags still attached. ( DUH..why do you suppose people were selling the damn thing in the first place??) I guess I can always sweep the threadbare carpets.  Some days the humidifiers do not work..or they over flow and do not shut off..I am a pretty good dehumidifier repairwoman but I cannot work miracles.

A safety issue that I brought up was totally ignored by the board, they offered no help or solutions other than a volunteer might be able to fix it.  I am discouraged.  I did not feel like going into work on Tuesday morning..but I went anyway and tried to stay cheerful for the visitors.

Friday I will fix the safety issue myself…a bookcase leaning at a precarious angle will be unloaded into a sturdier bookcase.  I will hire the Grand boys to help shuffle the huge books filled with National Geographic’s that no one ever looks at.  I am capable of coming up with a plan so that we don’t have a nasty accident with an overloaded failing bookshelf.

I am reminded of a poster that my husband used to have in his office.  It was a toothless old man in a Air Force flight suit and a said “It is hard to soar with eagles when you work with turkeys.”

The bee in my bonnet will fly off into the Monarda now..thanks for listening:)

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2 Responses to Bee Balm and A Bee In My Bonnet

  1. One of our former teachers had that slogan (It’s hard to soar when you have to work with turkeys) on her coffee cup….and I could understand the truth of it many times. Turkeys seem to abound while Eagles seem rare in the world of work, education, et et et et cet!~!

  2. I have get some bee balm next spring!!! I have seen the lovely bright patches of it also. I need it!!!

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