Night out with the boys

Last night I was the favorite gal among many men.  Young handsome men..and one older hunky looking guy!

We went to the County Fair.  We wandered through the Commercial exhibits and then headed for the midway.

The boys went on some rides, they went on the “ Giant Strawberry”  where you go round and round and then you can turn a wheel to go round and round faster.  Noah really didn’t want to go, but he finally said “OK I will go with Adam, but I am going to turn that wheel so fast he pukes.”  No one puked, but they looked a little green around the gills.

Adam doesn’t like he opted for a Merry Go Round ride.

Adam on the Merry Go Round

Far Guy and Noah headed for the big wheel.

The Wheel

Just taking photos of it made my knees weak.  I don’t like heights either.

Noah and Gene

They enjoyed the ride, while Adam and I enjoyed watching them with our feet planted firmly on the ground.

It was a fairly warm evening..we had popcorn after we got home and I settled down to watch cartoons with the boys.  Times have sure changed..they can bathe themselves and get on their own jammies ..they are growing up so fast.  I think they are both going to be sweet talking gentlemen..Adam told me recently that I was a special Grandma. I think he wanted to use my computer:)

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  1. GramMary says:

    These sweet talkers either learn young or they’re born with it! :)

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