Bat Man

The Bat Man showed up this week.  If you recall the newspaper reported that the museum was “inundated” with bats.

The Bat Man

I told you he was the Bat Man.  He is a really nice guy.  He said he read the newspaper report also.

He explained to me that he would seal up the entire building, and put in a tube or tubes so that the bats would be able to go out but not be able to come back in again.   He said it is no problem for them, they have visited friends and relatives in the area and they will know right where to go.   In essence they will become someone elses problem..therefore creating more work for him in the long run..ingenious.

The Bat Man at work

If you ask me he is nuts, working off of that lift.  He is running caulking along the trim on the area where the brick meets the eave.

A Bat Tube

This is a bat tube high up in the very peak of the building.  He covered the opening with a steel mesh and then put the tube up.  In a couple of weeks he will take the tubes down and seal the holes up completely.

So now you know how a Bat Man works:)

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