Chance: The Grooming

HiYa!  It is me Chance.  I had a grooming appointment.  Far Side made it.  She said my hair was too long.  I had too many tangles..nothing about me was making her happy except my kisses.  I was bringing home seeds and who knows what in my long fur…not to mention that my anal glands needed to be expressed and my toe nails clipped.  

I was SO EXCITED  I got to go with Far Side to work.  I got to ride in front and everything!  But then she stopped before she got to work and dropped me off..I was stranded at the Spa…alone.   Well not really alone, other victims were there too, lots of dogs and a cat. 

Far Guy came and rescued me late in the afternoon.   Far Guy has no comment.  Far Side said I look quite handsome and cooler.  Noah said “WHO shaved Chance.”

Shaved??  Have I been shaved?? 


No I am not bald..but I have been groomed for the summer:)

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  1. Judy says:

    It’s really hard to get assorted velcro-like weed seeds out of that silky fur, isn’t it!

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