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Wistful Wednesday : Summer of 1957

The summer of 1957.  I was 6 years old just about ready to start first grade and my baby brother was 3. Apparently I found some dandy’s  in the truck yard.  We are sitting on the steps that went into … Continue reading

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24 Days and Counting

I am really looking forward to being done at the museum.  I am tired of people and their problems.  I am tired of being the bearer of the news that we have no handicap accessibility and no bathrooms on the … Continue reading

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Tattoos and Toe Rings

I have no tattoos or toe rings.   I have a friend that has both. I never noticed them before..well you know we live in Minnesota and most of the time we are all covered up so we won’t freeze to … Continue reading

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The Flags of August

Every year we try to go up to Howard and Trudy’s for the flag ceremony. Howard built a Vietnam War Memorial on the side of the hill near their home.  Every year in August the flags are changed.  Yesterday was … Continue reading

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Well it is that time of year again.  Corn on the cob cooked to perfection and dripping in butter, seasoned with a little salt and pepper.  Life is good when the Minnesota crop ripens. These are the girls that help … Continue reading

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Silverware Art

I do appreciate some art..and if it is art that makes me smile..well that is a good thing. Someone took a spoon..and welded it to a rod. Then they made a second part using silverware handles. They look like Dragonflies. … Continue reading

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Amber Waves of Grain

We went for a drive to look at the fields. It is what we do for fun here in Minnesota.   Check out the crops, see who is out and about. The grain harvest is almost over. The dust in the … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: 1971

  I ran across this old was a long time ago. Even after I was married, my Mom insisted on sibling photos..I think that this one was for the church. You know the kind, disguised as a Church Directory..a … Continue reading

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Chance: I was Vacuumed

Far Side went on a vacuuming binge.  She vacuumed the window ledges and the screens, she tore all the furniture apart and vacuumed under the cushions.  How does my hair get way under those cushions anyway..I will never know.  She … Continue reading

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A day for me

Well..I am sure you all want to know what I did on my day off.  I did all the things that keep me sane.  I did laundry. I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom.  I washed some windows..oh they … Continue reading

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