Wistful Wednesday : 1924 or thereabouts

I have this photograph.  It got me to thinking about Grandma Tracie’s brothers..she had four brothers.  She didn’t talk about them as far as I can remember.

This is all the “menfolk.”

Stuve Family

I can only identify five people in this photo.  I think this photo was taken about 1924.  Grandma wrote on it “Stuve Family.”  All these people must have been important to her. 

In the back row the old guy is her father Louis, next to him is her husband James X.  The three guys on the left are unknowns ( One could be Great Uncle Rupert.) I will guess they are all married to Grandmas sisters as I see no Stuve look to them at all.

Let’s try the middle row.  Smack dab in the middle is her son Marvin ( Far Guy’s Dad.) The other four are unknown.  However I think at least one of these men was her brother.  Ferd would have been 36 that year and Fred 34…her other brothers were older..Albert was 41 and Charles was 40.   

Front row: I will guess her son James, unknown, her son Ronald, unknown, unknown.  ( Both dark haired boys shared the same barber)

Stuve Family

In 1924  Marvin would have been 10 years old, James (Uncle Jimmy) would have been 3, and Ronald ( Uncle Ron) would have been 6.  The other little boys could be cousins Earl or  Orville..etc..

I wish the photo was marked.  Sadly it is not.

I am not sure I will ever get this entire family straightened out.

Mark your photos!  With a date if you know it and the peoples names..first and last.  I  know the location of this photo..it was taken in Park Rapids, Minnesota in Grandma and Grandpa Stuves front yard.

I found some notes.  In 1913 Great Grandpa Louis Stuve farmed. He grew vegetables and sold them, he was quite wealthy, he owned land just south of the hospital in present day Park Rapids.  Because his boys needed to farm he sold his farm to help finance the purchase of three farms.  Albert and Pearl bought the old Becker place, Fred farmed in Straight River Township, and Ferd farmed two miles south of Osage.  They lost everything in the Depression, and the boys disappeared.  Someone heard from them in the 1940’s they wanted some family history.  Great Grandpa Stuve died a pauper in 1932.

Not exactly a happy family history, but a bit of history none the less:)

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  1. Ken Baxter says:

    My mother, Lula Baxter, used to go to a Stuve Reunion somewhere up in Minnesota. I’m trying to connect with those Stuves as I am doing a family ancestry. I remember, as a kid in the 1950s, going up to Park Rapids to visit my Aunt Emma, who I think was a Stuve. She was, I believe, married to a Hawkins and one of the kids my age was named Billy. Mom’s mother was Laura Stuve who married Clarence Evans. They lived in the Ida Grove/ Battle Creek/Danbury part of Iowa. Mom spoke very highly of the Stuve reunions.


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