Poison Ivy

I have a spot of Poison Ivy that is stubborn and slow in going away.  Sometime someone or some dog brushed up against the ivy with their pant leg or their furry leg and then rubbed up against the bench in the kitchen..the bench sticks out enough that I routinely bump into it..hence the Ivy.  Far Guy washed down the benches with Dawn dish soap..

I needed some Jewel Weed.  It is in the Impatiens family.  It is also called Touch Me Not.  The seeds shoot off into the distance if you touch them when they are ripe.  


The stems is what you want to harvest, we usually pick a side branch.  Open the stem and spread the watery goo on the ivy..in a few days it will be gone.  I have noticed an improvement in my Ivy with just a few applications. Of course I am using Far Guys Jewel Weed soap too, he special orders it off of the Internet. 

This is something Far Guy came up with years ago..during his research into native plants…he dabbled into home remedies..he has never had poison ivy on his skin.  He did have it in his eye once back in 1994, using the weed eater without eye protection. (He went to the eye doctor and got special eye drops.)

I hate the ivy and this is my second bout with it this year.  I used to be able to get shots for it.  A series of three shots in March.  The FDA took it off the market..I was a real unhappy camper.

Minnesota has an over abundance of Poison Ivy…it grows wild everywhere. 

Do you have Poison Ivy where you live?  What do you do to prevent it, and what do you do to stop the horrific itching?:)

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  1. We have not encountered the dread ivy around here; if we have any we have not seen it or gotten it. My Dad used to have us wash down any exposed skin with Fels Naptha laundry soap when we had “been to the woods” (his deer shack in the woods east of Waubun) We never got the poison itch.
    My mother in law saw what I consider the worst spot to get poison ivy when she was the head nurse in the ER at Bismarck Hosp. A teenage girl came in (terribly embarassed) after she had gone potty in the woods and wiped herself with poison ivy leaves. YOu can only imagine it!!!!! ARGHH
    One of my teaching colleagues got a bad case after neighbors were burning wood, woods trash and weeds and stuff they cleaned up at their home on a lake…apparently the p.i. got into the smoke!!!! That was her only exposure.

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