Tour De Quilts

The Art Gallery upstairs is awash in quilts.  The stuffy “Old Masters” have to share their space with the quilts. (Ha!)


You can touch if you wear gloves.  There were women coming and going all day long on Tuesday.  Many were disappointed yesterday because they came from nearly Canada to see the quilt show.  I don’t make the rules..or the hours.  The Gallery Upstairs is only open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday. One lady was so mad I thought she might stroke out on me.  I pleasantly assured her that the historical part of the museum was open for her viewing pleasure..and would she like a Tootsie Roll?

Later I had an altercation with one of the “Artsy Fartsy” people..she said “I drug my daughter here to see the Old in the world can they be closed?”   I replied  “Because it is Wednesday, besides that I have seen those old paintings and to tell you the truth I was not that impressed.”  She about fainted,  she spit and sputtered and finally said “My husband is an Artist, you have no idea how wonderful it is to see 16th Century paintings in such a small town.”  ( Whoopee doo)  All the while I was getting a fine arts lecture her daughter was rolling her eyes.. I finally said “Well, we have many wonderful objects in our museum too and we are not closed today.” ( Her daughter had a wonderful time in the museum..and stopped by my office to tell me so too! )


Tess (my volunteer extraordinaire) and I toured the quilts on Tuesday.




They are all beautiful. I love all the colors in this quilt!


This one was my favorite!  There are oodles more:)

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