Summer Chairs On Bad Medicine Lake

These are Jen’s idea of Summer Chairs..she said “Mom get ready here come the Summer Chairs.” 


I like their reflections in the water.  The blue stool between the red and green chair doesn’t belong..but other than that they look almost perfect.

We went over to Bad Medicine Lake.  We were very impressed the water is very clear and such a beautiful color.  It is the cleanest lake I have ever seen in Minnesota.


There are some islands on the lake..


We all liked this one.  I believe that this is as close to waterfront property as you can get in Minnesota without actually being in the water.  In recent years the water in this lake has been rising.   Bad Medicine Lake has no inlet or outlet it is entirely spring fed.

I remembered this lake years ago when it had weeds,  the crayfish went nuts in this lake in the late 1960’s and they ate all the weeds. 

It was almost a perfect lake day in Minnesota on Sunday, temperatures were in the seventies and we had some sunshine along with some clouds:) 

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  1. My favorite MN lake too! We used to canoe there before the lake got so high.
    That emerald/aqua color is what stuns me. It is very deep also….like a mountain lake in a deep valley. The old Hamm’s beer ads (from the land of sky blue waters) were made at Bad Medicine!!!!

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