The Powwow

Far Guy and I attended the local powwow.  I can remember attending a powwow as a child. It was on the shores of Shell Lake. I saw my first teepee there..that was more than fifty years ago.  I still recall the warm evening air and the excitement.

The Drum

The sound of the drums and the chanting.  Of course I didn’t know what they are saying..

It doesn’t sound anything like Hihowareya? Hihowareya? That would be the Native greeting that Far Guy and I use.

Show me the money??

The Money

We got there just as the dancing began for the Little Brave and Little Princess competition.  When the competition is down to the last four dancers..people run out with money to honor the dancers.  The dancers are supposed to acknowledge it by dancing on the money.  Elders walk around and pick up all the money on the ground. 


It was quite a dance off between these four grass dancers.

Girls all lined up

There were lots of young girls dancing.  Far Guys favorite dancer won.

The winner

She was a jingle dress dancer…and a pretty cute one at that:)

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