Jimmy is eight, he is from Lincoln Nebraska.  He visited the museum with his Father and his Grandfather.  Apparently someone asked Jimmy what he wanted to do and he said “Visit a Museum.”

His Father held him up to get a great view of the Telegraph switch…Morse code you know.  Jimmy told me that the Morse Code SOS was brand new when the Titanic went down in 1912.  The radio Operator sent out two distress signals that night. CQD (Come Quick Distress) the old distress code and the new distress code SOS ( Save Our Souls). 

I asked Jimmy if he had a computer  “Yes” he replied “But I would rather read.”   I asked him what he liked to read?  I should have known the answer.  “Encyclopedias.”  His Father quickly added that Jimmy had saved up for his very own set.

I expect that not all kids are like Jimmy, in fact I think he might be one of a kind.  I saw hope that day, hope for our future..hope for history, hope for museums.   I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.  He replied “I want to have a job just like you, working in a museum.”   He thought I had the very best job in the entire world, after all I could look at things all day long that he could only read about in books:)


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3 Responses to Jimmy

  1. GramMary says:

    What a great kid. Let’s hope he keeps his enthusiasm.

  2. Jimmy is our future hope! He loves to read and likes to see history preserved!
    We need a few million more Jimmies!!!! It is heartwarming to think that there are kids like him out there…even in this age of shallowness.
    Great photo of the museum building…surely a wonderful preservation in itself. IN spite of being too hot or too cold—it is a great old building and I am glad it is not being torn down.

  3. Jan - Alexandria says:

    Sweet!! They have to be proud of him. Does he qualify as a geek?

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