A day for me

Well..I am sure you all want to know what I did on my day off.  I did all the things that keep me sane. 


I did laundry. I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom.  I washed some windows..oh they are sparkly clean.. pure bliss.  Far Guy helped me vacuum my car, and I washed the windows in the car too!  Tomorrow I tackle my garage, it just needs a little straightening and some vacuuming.  I finally backed up my July Photos to disk.  I played ball with Chance.  I had a nap and I cooked supper for the third night in a row!  We went for a drive to look at the fields.. and I watched Big Brother..(Go Jeff).

I feel better now, not so out of focus:)IMG_5283

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One Response to A day for me

  1. You are loaded with energy! My days off are spent sitting in a recliner or reading my best book of the moment! I wish I had some of your ZIP a dee doh dah!!!!
    Good day for you!!!

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