Chance: I was Vacuumed

Far Side went on a vacuuming binge.  She vacuumed the window ledges and the screens, she tore all the furniture apart and vacuumed under the cushions.  How does my hair get way under those cushions anyway..I will never know.  She vacuumed her car, Far Guy helped..I sat in the front seat directing..until she finally said “OUT.”  What no ride?  Bummer.

Then yesterday morning I was minding my own business and she said “Far Guy..vacuum that hairball before I shave him.” 


Far Guy was busy all last week, doing “guy” stuff so he got a little behind on brushing me.  Way behind according to Far Side.


So he sucked all the loose hair off me..and we are all caught up again.  Far Side was happy, and when she is happy we are all happy..:)

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2 Responses to Chance: I was Vacuumed

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    When Mama’ ain’t happy, no one’s happy Chance…you need to remember that. I am glad you aren’t scared of the vacuum cleaner…our B.C, Mac, was terrified of it so he had to get brushed and combed and one time he got shaved–by his middle “brother” and his new “sister in law”. He was so embarassed. He reminded me of our sheep after we sheared them–the came out looking humiliated at being so “naked”.
    You look great as always in your pics while you got vacuumed.
    P.S, When Mac’s hair grew out he was more handsome than ever. Maybe you should try getting shaved but then you would be even more overwhelmed by all your Admirerers!!!!!
    You are such a good boy!!!!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Chance – you are one lucky dog! My pupster Captain LOVED to be vac’d. In fact, he’d sit in front of me and move to where I wanted to vac until I vac’d him FIRST!!! I think he felt better and more handsome after. I know he would have loved to vac’d every day if I would have done it! You are a cute one Chance!!

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