Wistful Wednesday: 1971


I ran across this old photograph..it was a long time ago.


Even after I was married, my Mom insisted on sibling photos..I think that this one was for the church. You know the kind, disguised as a Church Directory..a photographer sells photos to everyone in the church.

It was 1971 just before Christmas.   I was wearing one of those heavy wool dress jackets, it was two shades of beige and had big gold buttons, it’s only saving feature is that it was fully lined. ( I was pregnant and it was roomy.)   My baby brother must have got a new suit to graduate in the next spring. My other baby brother had a new red suit jacket and a bowl haircut. It looks like my baby sister has a sailor dress on.

We were all younger 40 years ago. I was 20, my baby brother was 17, my other baby brother was 11 and my baby sister was 5.  Next month when I turn the big 60, my parents will have children that are in their 60’s, 50’s and 40’s:)

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  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    Good photo of you and your siblings!!! You look to be about 13 on the pic but then you did not get married at the same age as Loretta Lynn so I take your word that you ARE 20!!!
    I love the cat eye glasses too…my Sis has several pictures of her with her cat eye glasses in the late 1960’s.

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