Silverware Art

I do appreciate some art..and if it is art that makes me smile..well that is a good thing.

Someone took a spoon..and welded it to a rod.

The spoon

Then they made a second part using silverware handles. They look like Dragonflies. The two Dragonflies are connected by a rod.


This part balances perfectly on the spoon..even in the wind..the Dragonfly is stuck forever in a balancing zone.


It doesn’t take much to entertain me anymore.

Knives and spoons Dragonflys

This is the work of an Artist in the Fergus Falls Minnesota area, he or she must be a very clever person.  Yes, I splurged on a piece of art..after all it was made in the USA and it looks great in the Daylily bed:)

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5 Responses to Silverware Art

  1. Judy Schroeder says:

    I would like one of these also. Do you remember the artist’s name?

  2. farside says:

    Hi Judy, I got it at an Antique Shop in Fergus Falls called Majeco Ctreations at 215 West Lincoln Ave :)

  3. Judy says:

    Farside — you inspired me — the dragonfly art caught my eye learlier this summer then I forgot about it — until you mentioned it. Now the silverware dragonflies are in my garden, too! Thanks!

  4. Paul Boyum says:

    Thanks for showing off my dragonflies…

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