Tattoos and Toe Rings

I have no tattoos or toe rings.   I have a friend that has both.

I never noticed them before..well you know we live in Minnesota and most of the time we are all covered up so we won’t freeze to death.

Tattoos and Toe Rings

I told her that the blueish purple of the Pansy accentuated the purple parts of her old lady legs. 

I am not sure I could wear rings on my toes..I am sure they would cause me to walk funny.

I cannot wear the flip flops that have that “thingy” in between my toes either.  I remember wearing them as a know the real spongy looking ones that came in all colors?  They didn’t bother me whenever I put a pair on in the store..I start to feel light headed and oozy..then I take them off and the bad feelings go away. The web between my market toe and my home toe must be really sensitive.

I don’t think I would like getting a tattoo either…I don’t like needles and I don’t like luck I would get some huge infection. 

It used to be that only “ a certain type of woman” would get a any old lady can get one, just not me.

For the record this tattoo belongs to blog reader Ann..good thing she has a sense of humor, she walks just fine with rings on her toes and in those flip flops and hopefully she is still speaking to me:)

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3 Responses to Tattoos and Toe Rings

  1. I enjoyed this one immensely! I cannot wear flip flops either….one summer when I wore them all the time I got tendonitis between my toes where the strap went.
    Tattoos? I think of them as carnival people things…I am so OLD!!!!
    Tattoo parlors really get business though and by the appearance of many of all ages, tattoos are very popular! Not for me either!!!!

  2. Jan - Alexandria says:

    I’m with you girls! But “to each their own” as they used to say. One thing that I can’t figure out is how can so many people who have nothing, afford to be covered in tatoos? One day soon there will be “laser shops” on America’s streets to help remove them from the elderly :) A small one here or there I don’t have issues with. Many of us seniors probably have them in hidden places and no one ever knows….not me tho’.

  3. bobk says:

    One just has to envision years from now when the then seniors, residing in nursing homes, admire and compare each others tattoos. What a blast.

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