24 Days and Counting

I am really looking forward to being done at the museum.  I am tired of people and their problems.  I am tired of being the bearer of the news that we have no handicap accessibility and no bathrooms on the main floor. Those quilting ladies about drove me nuts..what a bunch of whinny women.  I am not sure who the artist is this month but I am hoping it is a young artist with a young following.  Send me people with baggy pants and their underwear showing and ones with piercings and black hair and platform shoes…anything but blue haired ladies with canes and walkers.

I have some comp days coming so I will be leaving earlier than the 24 days..I am looking forward to being done..I guess I said that before.

I have a few ongoing projects to finish up.  I have workmen coming in to do some larger projects in September.  The windows should be all cleaned by then so that some kind of special tinting can be put on the windows in some of the rooms to stop the ultra violet rays.  Sentence to Serve is supposed to be coming in to redo a ceiling in the meeting room.  Now there is a group for ya. ( I always wonder..what did they do?) The judge sentences them to community service.  For the museum that translates to free labor.  I suppose most of them wrote bad checks or something.. it is highly unlikely that an ax murderer would get sentenced to serve…right?

Museum Staircase

View from the second floor landing.

Gus the resident ghost has been busy..I like it when he haunts some of the board members..way to go Gus!  He turned on lights in the museum one night when a board member was there to check on an alarm.  He kinda likes the alarm action..I suppose he is lonely at night.  I have never worked in a haunted building before..sometimes it is a little spooky. I won’t miss Gus:)

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  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    Are ya gonna do it again next year???????
    I still have to see the upper floor and the artiste’s work; keep those little old ladies off me will you, when I come??????

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