Wistful Wednesday : Summer of 1957

The summer of 1957.  I was 6 years old just about ready to start first grade and my baby brother was 3.

Connie carey (2)

Apparently I found some dandy’s  in the truck yard.  We are sitting on the steps that went into the back of a truck where Dad kept lots of tools and stuff.  Our Dad was in charge of all the gravel trucks..he kept them running.  One of my jobs at night was to take the keys out of the ignition and put them under the floor mat..it was a very important job.  I took it very seriously.

We were in Ray North Dakota for the summer..while Dad worked.  We lived in a trailer..in the fall we would go back home to the farm. I started first grade in North Dakota.

I remember this time of my life as being very painful.  I must have been growing leaps and bounds.  The pain in my legs was just awful..growing pains the Doctors said..I didn’t know that growing could hurt so much.  The pain was especially bad at night.  The only thing that seemed to make a difference was jumping..if I didn’t play jumping type games or pretend to be a horse half the time then my legs didn’t hurt so bad.

My brother and I would play marbles..and jacks..he wasn’t old enough for cards yet.  I still collect marbles…I love the feel of the smooth glass in my hand..and I can get lost in all the different colors:)

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2 Responses to Wistful Wednesday : Summer of 1957

  1. David Swanson says:

    WOW! I’d forgotten about my growing pains. They did hurt. My wife says she never had them but she said it’s because she didn’t grow, she’s only 5’1″.
    Thanks for the memory…maybe.

  2. I do not remember growing pains either but I was always the smallest, shortest one in my entire class! I did not grow very much at all! Now I think I am shrinking and I do not have any shrinking pains thankfully!!!
    (Just arthritis discomfort in my fingers and feet!)
    Getting older is NOT for sissies.

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