Signs of Fall

September is here.  I see signs all over.

Signs of Fall

Leaves and berries have begun to turn.

Slow Bees

The bees on the Gaillardia (Blanket Flower) are slow and drunk with nectar, their little legs are coated with pollen..perhaps it is their heavy legs that makes them lethargic.

Acorns Burr Oak

The acorns have formed.  I hear them go plink, plink on the steel roofs, sometimes it is almost like they are serenading me.  They are beginning to cover the ground forming a bumpy layer that attracts deer. Deer like acorns.  Chance doesn’t eat them..we had a dog that like to eat them escapes me who it was.. perhaps it was G’Day Mate or maybe Captain, both Shelties buried under one of the Burr Oak trees where the acorns  liter the ground and cover their headstone:(

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3 Responses to Signs of Fall

  1. Miki T-B says:

    Liked the mention of hearing the acorns plinking on the steel roof. Am headed to Fargo’s Oak Grove Park this weekend for the North Dakota Horseshoe Pitchers Association State Tournament. The courts are covered with a metal roof and the park is full of oak trees…plink plink plinkety plink!

  2. dahlenje says:

    September is my favorite! Fall is like a new start — new school year, a year older. How many more days of the museum? Like 19?

  3. “bees drunk with nectar”…I love that phrase!
    We used to have a huge oak tree right behind our old farmhouse and the acorns would litter the ground and the steps. We had to sweep them off to keep from stepping on them and falling off the steps! Bluejays were there too picking up acorns and our BC Mac did guard duty every day chasing them away!

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