Counting Down

I have 3 1/2 days left..3 1/2 work days till some morning jammie time and afternoon adventures.

I heard through the grape vine, that they want me to stay on part time over the winter, writing their blog, answering their emails and collecting the mail and phone messages.  Since most of that can be done from home..I might be talked into it. Might.   We might be able to negotiate some type of contract. My contract ends at the end of this renegotiation is in order.

I have been asked if the Board Members read my blog..they may..they may not.  So far they have not left any comments.

I am busy, clearing up loose ends..taking volunteers to lunch, giving Cub Scout Tours and freezing my butt off. The high today was 52..and windy and was not much above 52 in the building.


This is a corner of the Heritage Room. We have a swinging cradle with wheels, two rocking chairs, a parlor organ and a table with glass balls on it’s claw feet and a dusty old rug. 

Far Guy came in to volunteer today, he vacuumed ( he finally understands my vacuum cleaner complaints) and made sure all the storm windows were down and in place and locked.  Tess came in to work on an ongoing project.  Sentence to Serve came in and washed windows in the basement..this time with two guards..and a few more women in this STS group..who had apparently never washed a window in their life. ( Just my observation..since they used the one sheet at a time paper towel method..S..L..O..W..L..Y… first in clockwise circles then in counterclockwise circles ) I had to leave the room, I exited biting my lip..where do these people come from..oh right STS.  I am always temped to ask..what did you do?  I figured this group was a little more dangerous than the last group..just a vibe..or maybe it was the two guards that put me on edge. Perhaps the women fight and pull hair..that could be why they need two guards. 

It pissed me off today..yes sometimes I get pissed sue me.  Someone took one of my cheater know the 39 cent plug that converts a three prong to a two prong.  The wiring is old.  I splurged and bought I will have to get two more..because when you are down to will soon have none. 

Gus the Ghost has calmed down a bit..I think he will miss me over the winter..I think he may be depressed.   He sabotaged one of the ancient garage sale vacuum cleaners and almost started it on smoke was everywhere.  One more vac bites the dust..that would be the number 4 garage sale vacuum.  Perhaps if all the board members would have chipped in on a new one, I would have one decent one:)

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4 Responses to Counting Down

  1. Jennifer says:

    Pissed off huh? Well what if the person who took your plug adapter was trying to help you with the brochure… now you are mad at that person because they were only trying to help…now they are sad. :(

  2. farside says:

    You stole my cheater plug? Well I had two, they disappeared, then I bought two and have only one left. Here I thought the Board members were giving them away.
    I think it is have one..but who has the other two? Maybe Gus needed them:) Don’t be sad, I forgive you..cause after all you did a terrific brochure! :)

  3. Hang in there FS!!!! Warm mornings at home in PJs with warm coffee/tea/milk/lemonade beckon you…plus a furry warm dog and a kind loving husband!!!! Much to look forward to even if you do parttime work from home.

  4. Sad to see you go but really understand!!! I will miss your tales of woe. Some were so funny I could just imagine your board members cringing!! You are a “hoot” and I will miss you. From the Smokey Mts, Goodbye and Good Luck!!

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