Hello Fall

The Northern Red Oaks are turning color.  We have a few in our driveway.

Red Oak Leaves

Hello Fall.  I guess you are officially here.  Chance is our very own personal leaf carrier..his big old fluffy tail is like a leaf catcher.

I watched this tree change color.  It is along the road on my way to work.


One day Far Guy slowed down so I could get a photo.  I have always thought this was a Maple.  Turns out it is a Buckeye according to my cousin Chuckie.  I have never stopped along the road to get a closer look…too much traffic.  It is the very first tree to color up in our area.  It stands all naked now..the wind and rain has denuded it.  We don’t have very many Buckeyes in this area…too cold during the winter..but this one is a beautiful survivor.

In the next few days the Fall color will peak in our area:)

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One Response to Hello Fall

  1. Oooooo..it is time for a color leaf ride for us!!!! Hope we can do it before a wind blows them off. This is supposed to be a really good color year in the northern MN forests..lots of rain this summer. I remember in a dry year the leaves looked like dull pastel versions of the red, orange and yellow and browns.
    Our “southern oaks” just get brown and fall off..no good color down here in the white oaks..got to get north for the red oaks!!!! The other trees turn yellow only or just fall off before they turn–too much wind hits them here.

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