I wonder if either of the Grandboys will be called stretch..or spider..or beanstalk.

You can almost see them grow.

IMG_6474 (2)

Noah is taller than his Mother and gaining on his Father and little brother isn’t far behind.  I wonder  who will be taller..


Way to go tall one!  Stretch yourself so you can grow even taller.

Adam Sept 24 2011

This short one marches to his own drummer, he is a constant source of laughter for me. Out of about a hundred of the group photos..there are only a handful that his Mother found acceptable..the rest of them made me laugh out loud.

It was a beautiful evening, the golden light of fall highlights Noah face while he balances high in a tree. 

Noah  Sept 24 2011

Seventh grade is an adventure.  I asked him what his favorite subject was..he replied “Science.”   He likes Junior High because of the lunch period and  because you don’t have to be escorted by a teacher if you are in the hallway. He also told just can’t be tardy.  The first week of school he was tardy..but it didn’t count because you are just a seventh grader and it is your first week.  He is the tallest kid in his class:)

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2 Responses to Stretch

  1. David Swanson says:

    This brought back my own memories of seventh grade in the innocence of the North Dakota fifties, a childhood I would not trade for all the Slurpees, Big Macs, or Nintendo games in the world..

  2. GramMary says:

    Have a grandson 16 yrs of age and 6’3″ and counting. Eats as though he has hollow legs. I’m sure yours are the same. We are blessed aren’t we?!

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