Free at Last

I am done going into the Museum! I worked only a partial day on Tuesday!  ( I had three and a half days of comp time coming.)  Free Time here I come!  They have retained me to work on a limited basis for the next seven months.  I will be answering their emails, writing their blog, and returning phone messages.  ALL of which can be done from home..clad in my jammies at my leisure…no makeup required.   I am happy as a clam..nope maybe happier.

When I went outside this morning, Chance came running to the door to be let in and he laid down at the step…he is a creature of habit.  He was rather mystified that I spent the entire day with him..and we went for several rides…which is one of his favorite things to do.  

Tuesday night we noticed that there was a large amount of dust in the air.  We went to investigate what was causing the dust bowl conditions.

Dust Bowl Beans


The Corporate Farmers were harvesting the beans.


Dust Bowl Beans Two

What a mess…Far Guy was very irritated.  Usually the wind is whipping along the prairie..that night it was still with very little air movement, what there was came from the all that crap in the air came to our house.  They finished yesterday morning and have moved a mile down the road. Thank goodness.

I have so much free time now, I don’t quite know where to start or which project to tackle first.  I am sure I will figure it out..I must make a list!  The Museum closes for the winter on Friday..and will be closed until May.  Since the building has no heat no one can work there during the winter..well I suppose a snowman would find the working conditions to his liking:) 

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  1. GramMary says:

    You made it! You are made of stern stuff to have withstood all the nasty working conditions. Most of us would have bailed. Enjoy wonderful FarSide time now!

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